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"for the times they are a changing"


Teacher- I help the helpers

I have had the privilege of being a teacher for over 30 years. My deepest passion is helping people through life's transitions and changes.  The human experience is full of losses and celebrations ie divorce, abuse, job change, addictions, relationships and others.  I guide people as they navigate those storms and find their inner strength, courage and spirit. Bring your light to life!



* Individual coaching/counseling sessions on the phone or in person

* Retreats

* Workshop leader

* Professional and personal development and support

* Self care seminars

* Spiritual direction

*Motivational Speaker

*Life and Recovery Coaching  


My Location

My work centers here on 30 acres in the foothills of Mt. St Helens in Woodland, Washington.  Nature constantly inspires my work and my practice.  We have ongoing class schedules and private sessions are available.  

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My Work

Addiction and Recovery


Julie has worked in in recovery for over 30 years with individuals and families.  She has been the director of the  family program at Pavilion Treatment Center.  Addiction effects everyone at every layer of society and family systems.  It does not discriminate.  Julie provides coaching, education and support to addicts and those most impacted by addiction. She heals the healers. 



Ceremony is celebrating life, the earth, the sky and all living creatures. Ceremony assists us in change and transformation.  Milestones in all of our lives are marked with ceremony.  They assist us in connecting to the sacred as we heal on our spiritual journey. Julie helps people 



Holistic Coaching


 Every person, along their journey will experience blocks and barricades.  Acknowledging the interconnectedness of  all  experiences in life, Julie helps you to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. She helps you to find your authenticity using a holistic approach and ceremony.

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